Snapchat apk Mod

Snapchat is the best social media platform available if we compare it to other ones like Facebook or Instagram. They are also good, but they have their value, and Snapchat has its own. The Snapchat regular the original version which everyone uses from the Play Store or Apple Store is good. But the modded version of any app is fantastic because of their extra features as you cannot download videos in the original Snapchat.

The official social apps did not allow you to download any video because they want t came back to their platform again and again. But the modded version gives you a freedom which will enable you to download any video, image or story to your device and store it. This feature alone is outstanding, but there are many other unique features like this one.

In the original Snapchat app, you cannot do this mute someone and see her messages without her knowing and seen showing on her side. All of these fantastic features and this feature is truly unique, and many users are using this app alone for this feature too. You can also easily send media and images from your phone gallery to directly to your wall, and these videos will be pre-recorded. If you like edited videos, then they will be edited. In which you look more beautiful if you want to.

The other features are like you can download all of your conversations with some into a pdf file and it will also be saved on your Phone. This is a useful feature because some can delete that conversation from their side, but you have made a record of them and can use them if it is necessary.

In the official app of Snapchat, you have to hold the screen. To see the stories but no more this feature is removed from this mod apk, and you can see them like a normal. This is also an excellent addition to the new Snapchat apk modded apk. So what else you need in an already fantastic app.

This new modded app comes with a new UI, and unique design elements look similar to the Snapchat official app, but a little bit changes make it more beautiful in more attractive.