Snap Phantom Features

  1. Download Media and snaps with a single click.
  2. Snapchat P is available in different languages.
  3. Mark snaps as read when you want them to show this.
  4. No more snaps hold gesture.
  5. Save your send media on Snapchat.
  6. Also, choose multiple recipients at once.
  7. Protect received data including snaps, media conversations in a secure pass-protected folder.
  8. Send media images and video directly from a camera roll.
  9. Added latest optimized new snaps filters.
  10. New unique Caption effects.
  11. Custom notification sounds and much more theme settings.
  12. One-click enables or disables the Phantom app to use the official.
  13. Get more attention to your Profile.

Phantom Snapchat Android

The Snapchat Phantom is an extension made for Snapchat. Which will give you some extra Snapchat features like the snapchat++? But this one is made by other developers, and also it is not available on the IOS devices Store.  This is also a modded Snapchat extension that has some of the same features. To download this app, you need to install this from the Tweakbox application for IOS.

New Snapchat Phantom allows you to customize Snapchat as you like entirely. This feature is only given to you by the Snapchat Phantom and not by any other Snapchat extension.

The main reason people use Snapchat Phantom because these features are not available on familiar Snapchat. So they need something new and unique. So if you also like the uniqueness in your snaps, then we recommend you download them. The following Snapchat downloaded the file given on this page.

Snapchat Phantom also allows you to download snaps, Images, and videos just like the Snapchat Apk. We can say that the Snapchat ++ and Phantom features are the same. There are so many similarities between this application, and the snapchat+ version like you can mute someone in both forms.

The Snapchat Phantom has some advantages because the developers of Phantom are an organization, and they update it frequently. Still, as compare to the Snapchat Apk, they have some significant updates, so you can understand that the companies have different values for the users. The Snapchat Phantom has also known for its new and trendy filters and also image enhancer features.

The verdict on both applications is that both apps are unique and fun to play with so it depends on o you to choose which one they use but we recommend you to try the Snapchat Apk because of the popularity and the most favorite one.

New Snapchat Phantom Features

  1. Now you can easily remove the hold the screen sensor from Snapchat.
  2. Snaps will stay in your feeds, and you can choose the read mark when you want.
  3. Get a snap log the place where all the snaps are being saved.
  4. It depends on you when you choose Snapchat Phantom.
  5. Select multiple Contacts at once.
  6. Media and snaps can be saved automatically into your device folder.
  7. Easily send media like images and videos from the camera roll.
  8. 100s of new Captions and new Camera effects.
  9. Choose custom notification sounds, and much more.
  10. Support available on all major platforms.

Snapchat Phantom IOS

The official apple store did not offer and allow you to download the modded apps. In this case, we will guide you on how you can install the following application on any of your IOS devices. The first thing that you need to do is you have to install the Snapchat application from the apple store to the normal one.

Then you need to visit the following website and install their application. Search Tweakbox, and you will get their website and then download their app for IOS. After installing click on the icon and visit the app. From there, you have to choose tweak box apps and search for the Phantom. After installing the Phantom, it will work with your familiar Snapchat.

The Snapchat p ( Phantom ) is used and created for the IOS devices to provide extra features to the IOS users. Most of the time, android users get some apps modded versions, but the IOS users cannot use them. This time it is not the case because the Phantom and ++ both apps are the same. The significant difference between them is their names.

This time the IOS users can also enjoy the app on their devices. They can use all the features listed above the same as the other users like android users can enjoy the plus version of the app. The Procedure to install the following app on iPhone and all devices related to the IOS version is a little bit complicated so we will discuss them all in detail. In the IOS devices, you have to do some security measurements to use the apps on them.

The IOS and Apple are known for their apps and the security of their devices. This is why it is not a simple task to install any app on a device like android. To install any unofficial app on the iPad or any gadget related to IOS, you have to first choose it to the trusted app from the security profiles to use this app on the device.

You can now do so many things on your IOS device that you can not do them before. Now the developers and other IOS fan base users find back doors to do different tasks that they have done on the Android devices and now doing on the IOS devices. These things sometimes get the worse results also but don,t worry the method we have discussed today is 100% safe and authentic you will not get any harm with that.

The IOS devices sometimes get an error on these apps. So don't worry about them; they are not essential things they will be fixed. After some time and if not, you can contact us; we will guide you and help you with this matter.

Download the official Snapchat from the app store. Go to the following website Tweakbox and install their app for IOS. Now visit the app and click on apps. Could you search for the app and install it? Finally, enjoy them on the IOS device.

Snapchat P Android

For android devices, you can also use Snapchat phantom android. But the name for the android version application is not phantom, but it is called the snapchat++ mod apk. You can easily download it from our website because we have already covered this application on our website.

The features and advantages that Phantom offers to the IOS users are the same as the ++ offers to the Android users. The main difference between these two apps is the devices that you are going to use this application.

The ++ offers almost the same and identical features to the users. The reason that most of the users use Snapchat ++ apk on android because it is straightforward to use it. The users have just installed the application from our website, and the next step is you have to install it on your android device, and then you will get a snapchat++ app icon on your device.

The popularity of modded Snapchat is most among the android users. The main reason is that the U.I. of their system is easy to understand and that they can easily uninstall any app that they want to use. The android user can easily download this app and use it, and also in android, the user can choose to hide their data from this app.

The reason for this is this kind of apps usually takes your data, and in the beginning, ask you for permission, and you tik the allow button. Which is an enormous mistake you do without knowing? This kind of feature makes the android an excellent choice to use daily routine.

This app is straightforward to use on android as compared to the IOS device because you need to allow permission in the security, and that's it. While on the iPhone you need to do some settings as well as then you have to install and then so choose this app your membership to use it.

Phantom Beta Snapchat

The Snapchat official app updates its application. When they think it's time to update their security or released something new in their app. But the phantom app is developed by the developer, and it is modded means they have added some extra features to it. When the official company launches a new update, it takes some time for the developers to add these new features and new things to this modded app.

The app of phantom Snapchat on our website is the latest version of 2019. The features that you will be going to experience. When you install this on your device, all of them are the latest updates. The phantom update system is a little bit different as well as the plus version the developers make Snapchat for android both them.

So the updates of the app will not be constant, and they are going to be the big one and being launched in a couple of months. This kind of modded app sometimes will not get any update in years.

This Phantom modded Snapchat app will work fine on IOS devices and many people using it. The user of IOS now can also enjoy the unique features of Snapchat that android users are using for some time now. The app offers so many new and unique features to the users that the rating of this app on different websites is incredible.

The features of downloading stuff from Snapchat are an entertaining and cool feature. Because now we can download our favorite images and videos at any time. There are other features that we enjoy using them like read our friend conversations from the inbox. But without getting a read tick on them and they think that we did not see yet.

Think about this you can also mute someone from seeing your images snaps and everything that you are going to post. These features are entertaining and keen to play with and make the Snapchat app more and more fun to use.

Snapchat Plus Phantom Mod

The modded Snapchat is the one that will offer you some extra features than the standard app. In other cases will give you a premium app for free. The Snapchat mod is the app that allows you to use the best features of Snapchat. On your Phone by just merely installing their application. The best part is you can easily download the app on IOS as well as the Android device without any hesitation or any hard work.

In this app, the mod offers you so many new and advanced features. That you can only imagine them in the official app; some of these features are awesome like the best feature of this app will allow you to hide the read markup. It means that you can read the other person's message without getting a red tick on the conversation.

The other unique features are like you get new filters in this app as well as a new font design. The other best thing is that now the modded app offers you to download the conversations and media. This means that you can easily download the snaps, Images, and videos with a single download button click.

The other things are also discussed in this post. If you are interested, you can go up and read them one by one. There are so many plus points. In this app that you want to download and use instead of the old boring app that all the people are using.

Think about this that you can show your friends. This app and tell them you have purchased the official Snapchat app from them and you have customized it bu your need and impress them. If you are thinking about downloading this app.